Monday, 7 December 2015

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and eyes are the windows to the soul so if so many verses have been written about eyes then surely there must be something about our eyes that are generally meant to appeal to the masses. If you look into the anatomy of the visible part of an eye, starting from the smallest circle there is a pupil which is the opening of the eye, then there is an iris which is the coloured part of the eye, followed by the sclera which is the white part of the eye and finally the umbrella of your eye; your eyelashes. 

Now while your entire eye inclusive of the shape of the eye and the colour of your iris is based on the genetics of the eye and therefore you may not alter or enhance it in any way; there is one part of the eye that you may enhance and these are your eyelashes. Not everyone is blessed to have beautiful long full set of eyelashes yet if you compare eyelashes truly enhance the look of the eye. So what if you have a lighter or less set of eyelashes what do you then? It is just your luck as in the market there is a product just for you and it is called Idol lash.

·         Enhances your eyelashes
·         Makes your eyelashes longer
·         Stimulates growth of new lashes
·         Prevents fall of eye lashes
·         Also works on eyebrows hair

How it works

The secret formula in Idol lash caters to hair growth especially targeting lash hair and eyebrow hair. Idol lash caters to stimulating Keratin; the protein responsible for hair to be regenerated to have a fuller thicker set of lashes which increase in density remarkably.
A clinical study was conducted by a third party other then the manufacturer who took about 15 participants who were asked to apply Idol Lash nightly for 2 to 4 weeks; the age of the participants ranged from 24 to 82 years. At the end of 4 weeks all participants’ eyelashes were measured with the help of a software called SigmaScan and it showed that the length of eyelash had increased by 25% and that there was an 82% increase in the thickness of the eyelashes this showed visible growth which was caused due to enhanced keratin.

How to use it

The way Idol lash product is to be used is simple; at night right before sleeping firstly you must ensure that you have completely removed all make up that you may be wearing. Washing your face will not be enough you need to ensure that your face is properly cleansed. After ensuring thorough cleansing of your skin and especially the area around your eyes; make your to apply Idol Lash to the base of your lash right where your eyelid ends and your lash begins. One application is enough, you do not need to put a lot; just use it the way you would use a liquid eyeliner on the base of your lids. 

While you sleep Idol Lash will work at stimulating Keratin and enhancing your eye lashes. The best part is that because Idol Lash will quickly dry as soon as you apply it so you do not have to work that you may accidently run it off while you sleep because no such thing will happen.

Expected Results

Within 4 weeks of applying Idol lash you will witness a visible change in both the density as well as the length of the eye lashes; you will feel that there is literally no need for that mascara and you will throw out those cheap fake eye lashes that you bought from your local drug store.

Side Effects

Idol Lash is safe to use and is completely free of side effects however it must be kept in mind that you should use the necessary caution while applying Idol lash. Please ensure that you are applying Idol Lash only on the base of your eyelid and eyelash NOT inside your eye. Idol lash is not made to be applied inside the eye so if while usage it accidently goes in your eye; wash your eye completely with water and incase of any irritation; please seek medical assistance. 

It must also be understood that Idol lash is not a magic solution and it will not grow your lashes over night so you need to maintain a strict regiment and not skip on nights or apply Idol Lash alternatively because the more days you skip the longer it will take to produce results and meanwhile you may quit on it altogether assuming that it is not working whereas truth be told; it was not applied as recommended.

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